Huge Lib Dem survey says "free the tips"

Residents want to keep the booking system – but want the system freed up.

Hampshire Liberal Democrats are calling on the County Council to loosen the restrictions on the booking system at the county’s Household Waste Recycling Centres – and, in smaller rural tips, to scrap it altogether.

More than 3,700 people responded to a Liberal Democrat survey across Hampshire asking for their views. 1,797 (48.7%) supported the booking system – 31.0% strongly supporting it – and 1,083 (30.3%) were opposed – 17.8% strongly opposed – with 813 people neutral (22.0%) – but they did want changes – with good support for allowing visits more than once a week, same day booking and an increase in the number of slots.  Only 23.4% of people wanted to scrap the booking system altogether and only 15.5% wanted to keep it unchanged.

Opinion varied strongly by tip as well – with residents supporting the booking system for most tips – with Fareham, Farnborough, Netley, Andover, Gosport and Hedge End showing particularly strong support for booking – and Alresford strongly opposed.

County Councillor Martin Tod, Hampshire Liberal Democrat spokesperson for economy, transport and environment at the County Council commented:

I was originally a booking system sceptic, but it’s clear that it’s got good support in most of the county, particularly where there has historically been a problem with queues.  But people do want change – and the county needs to move fast on this.  The Liberal Democrats want to see the weekly limit scrapped, same day booking and an increase in the number of slots.

And where the booking system is causing more problems than it solves, like the Alresford tip for example, then it should be taken out.

The county can’t afford to be complacent.  Looking at the county’s recycling as a whole, Hampshire has the lowest recycling rate of any county council area – and the county needs to show much stronger leadership in tackling this. Making sure unnecessary restrictions at the tips aren’t holding back recycling is an important first step.

The survey is still online at 

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